Here a some pictures of a beautiful place I visited recently…South Africa!

Beauty is a gift for us to enjoy each day, I need to remember THAT even when it is negative 5 degrees F outside!  The sky in Wisconsin is always something I see beauty in. But we should also take the time to not only enjoy the beauty of our surroundings, but enjoy or feast with our eyes, what we put on our plates.

I will never forget working on Quantico Marine Base during high school, serving mess to the officers in training…it was a mess, and I don’t know how they ate it. But they always tried to smile. We served it up with a smile, because they were enduring rough treatment, but it never looked very appetizing. Poor guys!

I believe we decide whether we will like something before we even taste it! If it is beautiful, we want to like it!  Our digestion starts when we salivate, and we can get the juices flowing by looking at beautiful food. So take a little time to ‘dress up’ your plate, so you can sit down and look forward to eating and enjoying the beautiful food provided. 

Something to think about when you’re composing your meals, is trying to incorporate different colors into your dishes or onto your plates. For example: a colorful root slaw, with shredded orange yams and/or carrots, red beets, white turnips, purple radish, green cabbage, and yellow peppers!  Each color brings with it a specific phytonutrient important for health. There are so many that science is just scratching the surface of the benefits and health promoting / disease preventive actions that they have.

So eat food with as many colors of the rainbow as you can DAILY!

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