About Me

I want to be your Go-to Wellness Chef!

My passion is to teach and share delicious plant-based food which builds greater health. I aim to help you take control of your health and find the answers to your wellness, nutrition and food questions.

Our purpose in this life is often times limited by our health.  I want to help you reach your health goals so that you can fulfill your purpose and live vibrantly.

Health is defined differently by each individual, so helping you determine the level of health you desire and  implementing a plan to reach that goal is how I can help.  For one person that may mean coming along side you and helping you sort through your pantry, so you can learn what  ingredients and staples are going to help you reach your goals. For another person, learning cooking techniques for preparing vegetables so they aren’t limp, mushy or overcooked is a big step in eating more plants because they will be delicious.

You can change your health by making different lifestyle choices and choosing to think of food as a means to greater freedom that comes from greater health.  Another way to think about food is “It can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison” -Ann Wigmore

My Story:

I raised a family on home cooked meals and used food and herbs as medicine rather than running to the doctor each time my kids caught something going around.

Food and herbs work, my children are now grown and have not needed antibiotics.

My tendency is toward natural therapies for restoring health, so when three family members were diagnosed with cancer, I researched alternative options to the conventional treatments.

I found more supporting information that food is medicine and can help the body restore health. Our body’s are amazingly created to be self healing if our food is real and our body systems are working so that we are able to absorb the necessary nutrients.

I obtained education so I could be better prepared and so that I could help others. There is always something new to learn. I love to share what I know, so I teach group cooking classes, speak to groups on health and food topics, host wellness dinners and  will come to your home for personal kitchen instruction or meal preparation. Some of my studies and education include:

  • Ongoing Functional Nutrition courses
  • Certified Food Over Medicine instructor
  • Certified Raw Chef and Instructor. Living Light Culinary Institute in CA.
  • Hallelujah Diet Health Minister
  • Certified Plant-based Professional Chef And Vegan Pastry Chef through Rouxbe Cooking School
  • Certified in Holistic Blood Chemistry Analysis
  • School of Modern Herbal Medicine
  • Certified Women’s Health Instructor, Wellness Forum Health
  • BS Marine Biology, BS Chemistry, UNC Wilmington

I am convinced that a diet high in plant based foods can effectively prevent and in some cases reverse chronic disease.

I continue to educate myself through functional medicine courses and wellness coaching programs because I am excited to help others see significant health improvements.

If you are stuck in your health journey or know someone looking for some support in making healthy lifestyle choices, let’s connect and explore the possibilities.