Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Toast

Toast, toast, toast can be for any meal. And it can definitely be more than avocado toast. Toasts are easy to whip together and can pack a flavor punch and really satisfy. You do need to find a bread that fits into your dietary needs. The gluten free bread I like is by Sami’s Bakery, both the millet-flax and the sourdough millet bread. There is a sprouted grain bread that has a great texture by Angelic bakery. Both of these brands can be ordered online and requested through grocery stores. Locally, the Angelic Bread is found in most of the main stream grocery stores and Sami’s is found in the freezer section of Woodman’s.
Try some of the ideas below for each meal of the day.

  • Breakfast Toasts: Avocado w/ kiwi, blueberries, bananas or sliced strawberries (pick one), Nut cheez w/ Berry-chia jam, coconut butter spread w/mango or kiwi slices, almond butter w/ orange slices.
  • Lunch toasts: Sunflower butter w/ apple slices, Avocado mash w/ raw kraut, mustard w/ radish and avo slices, mashed avocado w/ tomato and sprouts, almond butter w/ banana or strawberry slices, peanut butter & grapes, hummus with cucumber and radish, pesto spread w/ tomato and olives
  • Dinner Toasts: Beet hummus w/ avocado and cucumber, sauteed onion & mushroom, pesto w/ cucumber-tomato-chickpeas, Tahini w/arugula and kimchi, Tomato, olives and nut cheese, Sweet potato puree w/ avocado and pickled onions, Tahini w/avocado-cucumbers and roasted chickpeas.

I hope the suggestions are helpful. It’s enough for a whole week of meals, if you’d like. Toast is usually what I make when I don’t really feel like making anything major, there’s only a few things left in the fridge or I’m short on time. It’s healthy, easy and delicious. I hope you enjoy!

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