Giving Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today, we set aside a whole day to enjoy food, family and friends and to reflect on our blessings and BE Thankful.  Have you ever considered taking on this mentality Daily, everyday!  I’m not talking about the food gorging and all the extra helpings of  mashed potatoes and pie we find ways of justifying because it is ‘ only one day’.  I’m talking about the aspect of focusing on the enormity of our blessings, which the most important of which are family and friends! I have come to realize that it is with WHOM we have relationships, that bring the greatest blessings into our lives. Each day we may touch someone new with a smile to lift their aching heart or give  someone a tender touch to comfort their soul, have tea and conversation with a good friend or take a walk around the lake. It is our presence in their life that we may never know the impact of, while they make a mark on our life.  I believe when we are thankful and take time to acknowledge our blessings, we feel better and have a greater quality of health.  So taking time out daily to be thankful for the people you will see that day, or for friends and family that you received a call or text from, can build up your mind and body  while exercising your spirit of Thanksgiving. I believe God provides gifts of comfort and enjoyment, but it is the people He puts into our lives that make life worth living and bring the greatest blessings! I’m thankful for you, who visit this site, who come to my classes and those who visit me at Fresh and Green and enjoy the food I prepare. Many of you have become friends that I cherish and feel blessed knowing you.


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