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If you would like instruction and guidance with a personal touch, I will meet with you to discuss your goals and desires and how I can help to guide and instruct you in your journey to greater health. Schedule a consultation  Here.

90 Day Food and Healthy Lifestyle Coaching: One-on-one sessions, where we will cover several food preparation strategies that will allow you to focus on certain health issues or facilitate the changes you desire. We will formulate a plan with steps that will ease you into a way of eating that will stimulate health and vitality.  Food sensitivities and allergies will be addressed. We will meet twice a month and incorporate one private kitchen session into the package.  This package is customized for your needs.

In-home Food Instruction for you and a friend: We will schedule a 3 hour period of instruction and food preparation resulting in meals for you at home, giving you a jumpstart to incorporating plant-based foods into your weekly meals. All food prep is done with you.

In-Home Group Classes and Meals: If you have a group of friends you’d like to host a class or themed meal, I will prepare and teach a class in your home, and serve the prepared foods as a meal to your guests. All food prep is done prior to coming to your home for a demo class/meal.

Dessert Catering: If you need a special dessert for that special someone, or want to offer your guests a deliciously healthy dessert that is free of gluten, refined sugar, and dairy, I can provide you with a dessert menu to choose from or we can come up with something customized for your special event.

Healing Meals and Food Boxes: Do you have dietary restrictions or allergies that are limiting your enjoyment of food? Do you need to kick the sugar, gluten, and/or dairy out of your diet to bring renewed health to your body? Do you desire a food cleanse to kick off your new eating plan? Do you want fresh juices to supercharge your health?  Or are you struggling to make time to be in the kitchen?  I am happy to talk to you about personal chef services or providing prepared meals on a per order basis. 

Please contact me to discuss how I can come along side to help you reach your health goals. 

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