Tools and Equipment for Kitchen Adventures

I am often asked what tools I use or where to get the items that I use during cooking demonstrations. So I have compiled a list of tools and equipment that I personally use and enjoy using along with a short description of why I like it. (If you decide to purchase through any of these links, I will receive a small affiliate fee for sharing. Thank you.)

This Spiralizer I use to make three thicknesses of fruit and vegetable noodles. It makes great apple noodles for adding to breakfast puddings or salads, along with colorful beet, sweet potato, squash, turnip, carrot and zucchini noodles to make interesting pasta, noodly salads and stir fry recipes.

This Handheld Mandolin  is one that I grab for quick slicing. It has three settings for different thicknesses. works great getting thin sliced potatoes, sweet potato, zucchini, carrots, parsnips, beets, onion and lots more.

This Julienne Peeler makes quick Julienne slices that when used on long vegetables mimic the spiralizer making thin noodles. The head is double sided with a straight peeler and works great on thick skinned vegetables like kolrabi and squash, as well as carrots and potatoes.

This Dehydrator does a great job making kale chips, flax crackers, fruit leathers, dehydrated cookies and bread, wraps and preserved vegetables. The timer makes it nice because it will shut off even if you’re not there. You can use the timer for marinating vegetables and to time items you don’t want to get crispy.

This blender is professional high speed and has the shorter container that fits under cabinets and because its wider at the base, it’s easier to get everything out of the bottom of the container. This blender makes super smooth nut creams, milks, frozen fruit ice creams, smoothies, soups, dips and so much more.

I use this Springform pan for making all of my large raw cakes and individual tarts pans for individualized treats  Its is heavy weight and has a nonstick surface that releases easily.

This  Kyocera Ceramic Knife is lightweight, easy to hold and will not cause brown oxidation on cut surfaces of fruits, greens and vegetables.

Wusthof Sharpener is for steel knives with coarse and fine making for a nice sharp edge and precision cuts. A sharp knife is safer and makes food prep quicker.

Wusthof Chef Knife is a nice quality steel knife for the professional and home cook.  the handle is easy to hold and molded to fit nicely in the hand. I like this style for ease of cutting and chopping large quantities of veggies. You can do almost all food prep with a good chef’s knife. (But some gadgets make better time)

Slow Juicer  will make high quality cold pressed juice that will last with active enzymes for up to three days.  I like this style for the ease of adding vegetables at the top and being able to regulate the amount of pulp in the juice.  I think its easy to take apart, clean and put back together.

This Food Processor makes an easy job of grinding nuts, fruit and mixing up hummus and all kinds of dough.

A large Bamboo Cutting Board set makes for a great surface for cutting fruits and vegetables. These have a drip groove around the perimeter to catch any drips from juicy fruits.

Please let me know if you’d like me to review or suggest any other tools or equipment you might have questions about. I hope you have some wonderful kitchen adventures!