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The products I use on my skin nourish it from the outside and help eliminate toxins.

I love Annmarie purely botanical based skin care. I use the cleanser, anti-aging serum and facial oil daily and the pearl mask and facial mist when I want a little extra care.

You can’t get more local than growing your own food, and the Tower Garden makes it easy and fun for the whole family. It is wonderful throughout the winter growing inside and then outside in the summer. There’s no need to plow a garden or pull weeds. No dirty fingernails either.

Do you get 7-13 servings of fruits & veggies a day? To bridge the gap between what you eat everyday and the recommended servings of plant-based nutrients you should be getting, Juice Plus concentrated fruit, vegetable and berry powders are something I consider nutritional insurance.

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Home garden:

E-book – $5.00
Pandemic Soups: 21 Delicious Gluten and Dairy Free Plant Based Soups

18 Hot soups & 3 Raw chilled soups plus a recipe for homemade broth

The recipes are packed with whole plant foods, providing nutrient dense meals that taste wonderful and are easy to make. Easy recipes with everyday ingredients that can be made quickly any day of the week,.