Hot Cocoa Evolution

As you may already know, I love warm drinks once the temperatures drop below 45. So I’ve been experimenting with making warm drinks that pack a nutritional punch. This one starts out as pure indulgence, but then morphs as the leftovers evolve into a nutrient rich treat. So come along on this delicious journey….

I really wanted a hot cup of Cocoa, so instead of making nut milk and warming it on the stove and mixing in cacao powder and coconut sugar, I decided to try making in totally in the blender. So I chose to use cashews and Brazil nuts for the milk base and added to the blender one cup total of the mixed nuts. Then I add 3 cups of pure water, a half cup of good quality bittersweet chocolate chips or a chopped bar (70%+ cocoa, and only cocoa butter, cocoa, and cane sugar or stevia. I like Theo and CocoPolo). You could also use cacao powder in place of the chocolate bar. If using powder, you’ll need to add some sweetness, so honey, stevia or coconut sugar are my top choices. Then I add a teaspoon of vanilla and blend for two minutes. The friction created in the blender, heats the mixture and creates four to five cups of lovely hot cocoa. (You can decrease the amounts for less, but then you wont have any leftovers to evolve.)

So I drank a cup and shared a cup, ooh la la! But I had leftovers, so I placed that in a jar and put in the fridge.  Later I was in the mood to experiment again so I made a hot cup of Rooibos tea, added the tea to the leftover cocoa, put in a 1/4 teaspoon of cardamom and 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon and blended that until warm. I enjoyed another warming elixir, good for the soul and immune system.  Then with leftovers from this, I added some oats and chia seeds to a jar, poured the leftover drink into the jar, sealed it and gave it a shake and allowed it to sit for a couple minutes and then shook it again. Placed it in the fridge and there it stayed overnight,

The next morning I had a Cocoa Rooibos Oat Chia Pudding for breakfast. I topped it with some chopped nuts and dried fruit and…Delish!

Next time I plan to add some superfood powders like maca and ashwaganda. These usually get into my smoothies, but I want to add them to my hot drinks for their added benefits of energy and stress modulation.

I hope this gave you some ideas you can take away to treat yourself to some goodness and make multiple uses from one recipe starting point.

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